Thank you for your interest in Pawsitively Saved Rescue.

Please review our application carefully. If you have any questions, ask! Who pays for the vet bills? Who is financially responsible for the dog's food, microchip, leashes, crate, etc.? Where will the dog be introduced to prospective adopters, and what are your responsibilities? Are you responsible for training the dog, and if so, to what level? 
Some of our dogs will require foster homes with fenced-in yards, some dogs, need a full-time foster parent who is home all day. Some dogs may require a home without cats or children. 
Pawsitively Saved Rescue requires a veterinary reference letter and a printed application and one or more telephone or in-person interviews.
At Pawsitively Saved Rescue, we cover vet bills, microchipping, and vetting. You are responsible for the dog's food, crate, toys, treats, and care. We hope that you will maintain simple obedience training that the dog may already know, and carry it forward when possible. We will need to schedule meet and greats from time to time, either there, here, or at a neutral place.

If You Have A Pet

Kennel cough and other contagious diseases from any shelter environment can be carried into your home. Talk to your vet about recommended quarantine periods for new foster pets, to keep your pets safe!

Know Your Limits

Does your homeowner's insurance or city have any breed or weight restrictions? Do you have time to devote to a foster pet in addition to caring for your pets? Do you require a foster dog who is comfortable around small children or other animals?
What behaviors are you comfortable dealing with? – Counter surfing, pulling on the leash, jumping when greeting, inappropriate elimination, separation anxiety, barking, reactivity? Don't accept a foster who may need help beyond your experience, energy level, and knowledge. If you're up for a challenge, consult with a qualified trainer.
What kind of health considerations are you be willing to accommodate? Consider providing senior care, dosing medications, and slow, frequent walks for incontinence is dignity for older dogs. Digestive disorders? Special dietary needs? Choose your niché. Ready to get started? Great! First,  Some Legalities.